Welcome to Lemnos Primary School

Lemnos Primary School provides personalised and professional learning programs for all students. As a small village we have rewarding and reciprocal relationships with all villagers. The educational environment at Lemnos is about maximising all students’ academic and social development. Computers and information technology are used across the curriculum. Children are connected at Lemnos Primary School. Our school‘s core values underpin all that we do.

Our school‘s core values underpin all that we do.

Persistence: We believe that children should learn and be encouraged to persist until a personal best is achieved. Excellence is recognised as an essential goal.
Respect Others: We believe that children should respect themselves and respect
Belonging: We believe that all students belong to Lemnos Village and that they are learning how they can contribute positively to village life.
Inspiration: We believe that all children should be inspired by their learning experiences and that they will leave Lemnos Primary with a belief and zeal that lifelong learning is for them.
Confidence: We believe that students should have the confidence to take risks in learning. Risk taking in learning has rewards that have positive lasting benefits for students.